Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Password: An Internet Security

Obviously, the most common internet protection used by users is password. It is a secret word or series of characters that used for authentication, to prove identity or to access to the resources required. Whenever user login to the computer account, retrieving e-mail, accessing some database, network, accessing programs and even booking ticket online, users are required to enter the password. The common use of password resulted by its characteristic of short enough for memorized and easy to type.

The next thing we try to discuss here is the extent of which the password is able to secure. Basically, password has some significance disadvantages. It can easily be stolen or forgotten. Even if it is not being stolen, the common available password is easily and efficiently be guessed by attacker. Therefore, the availability of system that impose time-out of several seconds after a small number of failed password entry attempts can prevent from unauthorization access. Another issue is that an individual might distribute his or her password intentionally to friends. This type of authentication becomes useless as anyone can access easily.

Formation of different types of password itself is important to secure the internet access. There are several types of password. For instance, password that formed by the multiple words is called as
passphrase while the secret information that formed by purely numeric is called as passcode. According to the research done by Information Week, almost 16% of online users used passphrase of their own, spouse or child name as password. This might because such passphrase will not be forgotten. 14% of users used “1234” or “12345678” as passcode. This type of passcode is easy and nice. 4% of users used “password” as password. These three types of password are easy to guess and unsecured.

Thus, some web security suggests a better protection by choosing a password that consists of at least 8 characters or more include one capital letter and symbol, and, the most important thing to remember : Do not simply give your friends your password.