Saturday, June 13, 2009

LiPi's Profile

Hi everybody,welcome to our Pinky Girls' blog. One of the member is LiPi,that is me! Although I have many nick name from my friend but I still like to use my chinese nick name to introduce me that is "beautiful wall". Currently I study at UTAR,Sg long (Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting, Year 3 Trimester 1). Before that I'm a KTARian after graduate in diploma I just join in UTAR.

I come from a beautiful island that is Langkawi. When my friend know where I from they look like very interest with the island than me. But i still proud with where I from because Langkawi really nice,peace,fresh air place to live. The things that make me happy in UTAR is have a chance in T4 because all classmate very nice,funny,work together when held some event and held class trip in Langkawi.

I'm a girl that interest in many things and like to challenge. One of my interest is acting so last time i very active with the drama show but now is no chance for me to do that. So now i like to disturb and make fun with my friend or do some crazy thing with my friend. I also like to shopping eventhough i don't have money but i still will go for shopping don't know when i just can change this bad habit. When i back from shopping my housemate sure will aks me :"What you buy today? How much do you spend today?"

The top5 websites that I most visit are
1. : This website is for me keep in touch with my friend and know recently what they are busy through the photo album and online chatting. Besides that i also can play some mini games that this website provide.

2. : This website is for me to release my feeling and would like to share with everybody. I also can know what my friend is feeling in recently or anything they would like to introduce to other.

3. : This website is for me to search the infomation that i needed especially while doing assignment.

4. : This website is for me entertaiment because from here i can watch the movie,show and MTV that i wish to see.

5. : This website is for me to contact with my friend. Sometime also use it for discuss assignment with group member when can't meet each other.

Ying's Profile

Hi guys.. I am Shu Ying, you can call me Agnes or whatever nick name you like, i will respond perhaps :-). Currently I am studying accounting course year 3 trimester 1 in UTAR. I am from tutorial group 4. I do love all my classmates. They have treated me so good although I am Ktarian before that. They have given me an unforgettable university life. Yes.. I join Utar after taken my diploma in KTAR.

I come from Setapak, such a hot temperature city. Classmate in UTAR always call me little mouse, just because my size is so small. Perhaps my voice is too low until i need to shout in class when talking, suffer =.= That's why i will be quite most of the time. When i joining UTAR, first met with classmate always give them a bad impression that i'm cool. What to do? I just feel shy to talk with them. Haha..

I like to sing karaoke. However, you might hard to hear my voice although I'm using mic. :) Besides, I also love to watch drama especially hong kong and singapore drama. Their acting are so nice until people are involve deeply and unknowingly into those characters.

Here are some of the website that i surfing most of the time:

1. : Much of my time spend on it because this website provide me feature of real-time online chatting. This explained the way that i contact with my friends.

2. : This website provide some mini games and allowed me to know most recent news of my friends.

3. : through this website, I know what my friends' thoughts and feelings.

4. : As a student, this website is the most important website where all information needed for our assignment will be found with just a single type of keywords.

5. Last but not least, : Of course, we will visit this website frequently as this is where student contact with lecturer or tutor.

Friday, June 12, 2009

San's Profile

Hey!!!Hey!!!Hey!!! It's me!!! Wong Fei San here!!! You can call me Fei San, Sansan, whatever you like. Currently I am studying Accounting Course year 3 trimester 1 in UTAR that located at Sungai Long, Kajang. There are 4 faculties of UTAR. I think that this faculty is too far from KL.It may need 2 hours to KL by bus. This really bring a lot of unconvenient for me especially I'm a shopaholic.Hee.......

Where i come from??? Mmm.......This is a good question to me. Actually it's a little bit complex. I come from Jerantut, Pahang. It is just a 'daerah' and people rarely know about it. But it's so lucky that it still can be found in the Malaysia's Map. If I ask where is Taman Negara, people may know where it is. That's right!!! It's nearby Jerantut. It only takes 45 minutes from Jerantut to Taman Negara. Although Taman Negara is very nearby my home, but i never go there before. Hee..... If you want to go Taman negara, remember to ask me to join. I have stayed at KL since i was graduated from primary school. So i think that I can be categorized as "half KL citizen". That is why I'm not familiar with my hometown, Jerantut.

I think that I'm a gentle and soft person but does not mean that you can bully me. I'm ordinary person , but sometimes I like to try something new and special. I'm optimistic, I hope to have happy mood everyday. I'm outgoing, I hope to know more friends who have same interests with me.

I like to shopping very much. I like to see somethings which are beautiful and know about which are the latest fashion. This really can make me happy. I also interested in doing research about skin care and make up. If you know about the most popular taiwan programme that called 'Beauty Woman', then you must be known that the four teachers. Among the teachers, 'Mr Neo' is my idol. I admire his knowledge about skin care and I hope to meet him once day.I like to read novel. There may include different types of books such as philosophy, love...... Reading novel gives me a wide space of imagination. I really enjoy the process.

Here are some of the websites that I visit frequently:
It's a medium that I can know about how is the life of my friends espeacially some of them study oversea. I'll post some photos and write blog to share my life with them.

For me, it's really important for me. It's not only a medium that i maintain relationships with my friends, but also can make new friends that come from foreign country. I also discuss assignment with my groupmates through msn.

I can get many information from this website. It's not only for doing assignment purpose, it also a medium to exchange information with my friends.

Buying newspaper wastes your money??? It's not excuse anymore with this website. I can read any latest news and currrent issues that happen in our country and foreign country through this website.

This is website that I read novel. When I feel depressed or stressed, I 'll read novel to help me release stress.

Ketty's Profile

Hai....everyone!! Nice to meet u all. My name is Pei Xin or you can call me Ketty. Currently,i`m taking Accounting course (Year 3 Trimester 1) in UTAR located at Sungai long,Kajang.
I come from a small island in Malaysia,that is Labuan F.T. Most of the people from west M'sia don't know where is Labuan located.They will keep asking me where is the place and ask me whether my house is built on the tree.Oh My God,i really dunno how to answer this question.Mostly,they only know Sabah and Sarawak.So,sometimes i`m very lazy to explain with them..and i will say Labuan near Sabah. Labuan is known as 'duty free zone'. Due to the cheapest price of cigarette and beer,my friend like to ask me to help them buy 'Dunhill','Chivas' or something else. hobbies quite a lot.Mostly,i love to cook and i can stay in the kitchen whole day to cook something special food when i was in my hometown.But now,i no have so much time to cook for myself becuz busy with my university life and also lack of kicthen utensils. Besides that,i like to watch drama. When i feel boring,watching drama is my first choice.

Here are the some website that i frequently searching ......
Facebook have a lot of quiz and mini game to play.It also become a medium that i can keep in touch with my fren even after graduation.

When i was free, i will check mail through this website. Some of the important information will also send by my groupmates for doing assignment purpose.

Log in to Airasia website to know about the latest ticket price. This enable me to buy the cheapest ticket and i can fly back to my hometown during my holiday.

Reading online newspaper can let me know the latest news and current issues that happen in our country or in this world.

Listen to the music is also part of my hobbies. So, i will download the latest song through this website.