Saturday, June 13, 2009

LiPi's Profile

Hi everybody,welcome to our Pinky Girls' blog. One of the member is LiPi,that is me! Although I have many nick name from my friend but I still like to use my chinese nick name to introduce me that is "beautiful wall". Currently I study at UTAR,Sg long (Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting, Year 3 Trimester 1). Before that I'm a KTARian after graduate in diploma I just join in UTAR.

I come from a beautiful island that is Langkawi. When my friend know where I from they look like very interest with the island than me. But i still proud with where I from because Langkawi really nice,peace,fresh air place to live. The things that make me happy in UTAR is have a chance in T4 because all classmate very nice,funny,work together when held some event and held class trip in Langkawi.

I'm a girl that interest in many things and like to challenge. One of my interest is acting so last time i very active with the drama show but now is no chance for me to do that. So now i like to disturb and make fun with my friend or do some crazy thing with my friend. I also like to shopping eventhough i don't have money but i still will go for shopping don't know when i just can change this bad habit. When i back from shopping my housemate sure will aks me :"What you buy today? How much do you spend today?"

The top5 websites that I most visit are
1. : This website is for me keep in touch with my friend and know recently what they are busy through the photo album and online chatting. Besides that i also can play some mini games that this website provide.

2. : This website is for me to release my feeling and would like to share with everybody. I also can know what my friend is feeling in recently or anything they would like to introduce to other.

3. : This website is for me to search the infomation that i needed especially while doing assignment.

4. : This website is for me entertaiment because from here i can watch the movie,show and MTV that i wish to see.

5. : This website is for me to contact with my friend. Sometime also use it for discuss assignment with group member when can't meet each other.