Friday, June 12, 2009

Ketty's Profile

Hai....everyone!! Nice to meet u all. My name is Pei Xin or you can call me Ketty. Currently,i`m taking Accounting course (Year 3 Trimester 1) in UTAR located at Sungai long,Kajang.
I come from a small island in Malaysia,that is Labuan F.T. Most of the people from west M'sia don't know where is Labuan located.They will keep asking me where is the place and ask me whether my house is built on the tree.Oh My God,i really dunno how to answer this question.Mostly,they only know Sabah and Sarawak.So,sometimes i`m very lazy to explain with them..and i will say Labuan near Sabah. Labuan is known as 'duty free zone'. Due to the cheapest price of cigarette and beer,my friend like to ask me to help them buy 'Dunhill','Chivas' or something else. hobbies quite a lot.Mostly,i love to cook and i can stay in the kitchen whole day to cook something special food when i was in my hometown.But now,i no have so much time to cook for myself becuz busy with my university life and also lack of kicthen utensils. Besides that,i like to watch drama. When i feel boring,watching drama is my first choice.

Here are the some website that i frequently searching ......
Facebook have a lot of quiz and mini game to play.It also become a medium that i can keep in touch with my fren even after graduation.

When i was free, i will check mail through this website. Some of the important information will also send by my groupmates for doing assignment purpose.

Log in to Airasia website to know about the latest ticket price. This enable me to buy the cheapest ticket and i can fly back to my hometown during my holiday.

Reading online newspaper can let me know the latest news and current issues that happen in our country or in this world.

Listen to the music is also part of my hobbies. So, i will download the latest song through this website.