Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ying's Profile

Hi guys.. I am Shu Ying, you can call me Agnes or whatever nick name you like, i will respond perhaps :-). Currently I am studying accounting course year 3 trimester 1 in UTAR. I am from tutorial group 4. I do love all my classmates. They have treated me so good although I am Ktarian before that. They have given me an unforgettable university life. Yes.. I join Utar after taken my diploma in KTAR.

I come from Setapak, such a hot temperature city. Classmate in UTAR always call me little mouse, just because my size is so small. Perhaps my voice is too low until i need to shout in class when talking, suffer =.= That's why i will be quite most of the time. When i joining UTAR, first met with classmate always give them a bad impression that i'm cool. What to do? I just feel shy to talk with them. Haha..

I like to sing karaoke. However, you might hard to hear my voice although I'm using mic. :) Besides, I also love to watch drama especially hong kong and singapore drama. Their acting are so nice until people are involve deeply and unknowingly into those characters.

Here are some of the website that i surfing most of the time:

1. : Much of my time spend on it because this website provide me feature of real-time online chatting. This explained the way that i contact with my friends.

2. : This website provide some mini games and allowed me to know most recent news of my friends.

3. : through this website, I know what my friends' thoughts and feelings.

4. : As a student, this website is the most important website where all information needed for our assignment will be found with just a single type of keywords.

5. Last but not least, : Of course, we will visit this website frequently as this is where student contact with lecturer or tutor.